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April 25, 2008

Forty Days of Rain!

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After we agree to somethings we often discover unintended consequences.


April 21, 2008

Explaining the Samples – 5

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This set was actually the first one we put together and it was done very quickly, just grabbing images as we found them. That’s also why the sequence isn’t similar to the other sets of examples.

SirColby Samples 5

Left to right:

1. “Girl-Pink and Gray,” color pencil on paper. The white stripe across her forehead is a reflection of the glass. I told you we did this quickly.

2. “Tina,” pencil on paper. Does the hairstyle give away how long ago this drawing of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was done?

3. African mural. This is an early sketch version. The graph lines are equal to 6 inch squares to determine proportions when painting on the wall.

4. “Indian Mother and Child,” acrylic on canvas. This was done just for practice. If it looks familiar, it’s because I was inspired by a photograph in a magazine.

5. “Gator,” pen and ink on paper. Another magazine photo-inspired drawing done just for practice.

April 20, 2008

Explaining the Samples – 4

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I ran across several black and white images and decided I’d make one set using just b&w. OK, the one that’s a photograph was in color but I converted it to grayscale for this set.

SirColby Samples 4

Left to right:

1. “Game of the Century,” charcoal on paper. This was posted already. You can find it in the drawings category on the right.

2. “Ora Shaw,” computer manipulated image of my grandmother. I never got the chance to know her. She died many years before I was born. But, from the photos, she looks like she was a very beautiful woman.

3. “No Comment,” acrylic on canvas. Whom do we trust the most (or should I ask the least), politicians or the media? Depicted is another scene from the never-ending battle between press and politico. It seemed most appropriate that it should be done in grays.

4. This photo shows my brother and me painting a mural on his barn. He wanted that “old-timey” look of a barn ad. We made some adjustments to approximate the logo of his favorite brew.

5. The caveman cartoon is from one pane of a strip. I can’t tell you much about it or I’d give away the punch line. Maybe I’ll post it some day. But then I’ll probably color it first.

April 19, 2008

Explaining the Samples – 3

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I don’t know if you’re picking up on the sequences but, with a few exceptions, the first two images are usually drawings, the middle one is a painting, followed by a mural and then ending with a cartoon.

SirColby Samples 3

Left to right:

1. Portrait, pencil on paper. What a great smile! The boy in this drawing was eating and had food all over his face. While that was cute for the photo, we cleaned him up for the drawing.

2. untitled computer manipulated image.

3. “First Trip To The Beach,” acrylic on canvas. Previously posted. Check it out in the paintings category on the right.

4. African mural. This is a detail of the the jungle side of the mural mentioned in “Explaining the Samples – 1.”

5. “Cop Send-Off.” I don’t think the officer is affected by the referee’s use of authority. Actually, this was originally “Cop Caution” but the red card looked better.

April 18, 2008

Explaining the Samples – 2

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Continuing with the explanation of the artwork samples, I tried to provide as much variety as possible, mixing in painting, drawings, murals and whatever else I could find.

SirColby Samples 2

Left to right:

1. This is a cake I decorated. I used to do that just for fun but had to retire after everybody’s cousin knew someone who had a daughter who was having a shower and wouldn’t it be nice if I decorated a cake for them. It took awhile but I learned how to just say no.

2. “Spreading the Stars,” computer manipulated image.

3. “Arno and Phillip,” acrylic on canvas. Previously posted. Check out the paintings category on the right.

4. That’s me after finishing the “Monkey Mural.” This is posted in the four-part “How to Paint A Mural” series. Look in the murals category.

5. This cartoon, showing a referee sending off a player for dangerous equipment is one of many I drew for the US Soccer publication, “Laws of the Game, Made Easy.” They also asked me to illustrate a companion book, “Offside Made Easy.” Visit

April 17, 2008

Explaining the Samples – 1

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Some folks have asked for details about the drawings and paintings that are displayed at the top of each of my pages. They’ve tried to click on an image and nothing happens. Sorry, they are there just to give you some examples of my work. There are five compilations of five images each that randomly switch whenever you click on a page. This little trick is possible through the help I got from a friend, John P. (check him out at

Some of the images have been posted and can be found in the appropriate categories. Eventually, I may get around to posting the others. In the meantime, below is a brief rundown. Oh, by the way, most of these images are details of the originals and don’t show the entire artwork. I’ll post each set separately so it won’t seem quite so long.

SirColby Samples 1

Left to right:

1. “Lillie’s Granddaughter,” portrait, color pencil on colored paper. Isn’t she precious?

2. untitled, torso/hands on stomach, conte crayon on paper.

3. “Desert Sip,” acrylic on canvas. Already posted. Check out the paintings category on the right.

4. African mural. This mural has two sides; this detail shows most of the left side depicting a savannah environment. The right side depicts a jungle. The trees from each side meet to offer a “canopy” above where a bed is placed the against the wall.

5. “Harold in Italy,” also already posted. Check it out in the cartoons category. Also, visit Harold’s website:

April 12, 2008

Pondering the Here-After

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Faith tells most of us that there’s something going on after this life. And, if we behave ourselves, it’s probably nice. But nobody knows what it will really be like.


April 8, 2008

Dog-Tired Big Foot

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Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing much about anything.


Just playing around with some clay and came up with this little guy. 9″ length.

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