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May 29, 2008

Priello Farm, Tuscany

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On vacation in Italy with some old and some newfound friends, we stayed at a Tuscan farm called Priello. While everybody else was busy with chores, like making beds and cooking breakfast, I sat around with paper and pencil and sketched the main house. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!


Great views, great food, great wine…and a Lamborghini tractor.

Pencil on paper, 7″X 8 1/2″

May 18, 2008


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My precious wife of more than 40 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Monday, May 12, 2008 in Encinitas, California. God truly blessed me, my family and my friends with the time he shared her with us and we rest assured that she is now in the arms of Christ.


Born July 7, 1946 in Dallas, Beverly graduated from Samuell High School in 1964 and attended Texas Tech University. She worked for the Dermatological Center of Dallas, was loved by many of the patients and was “Mom” to many of her co-workers.

Beverly was an active member of Central Lutheran Church, served on the Church Council, the Altar Guild and in countless other acts of selfless volunteer work. She was currently a member of the choir.

Beverly was an accomplished seamstress and sewed many fantastic outfits for her children, but she refused to make her son a muscle shirt. Beverly canned the best hot dill pickles. She somehow knew the price of every object in every store in the world and always knew how to find the best deals. She had a coupon for everything.

We had joined our daughter’s family in San Diego for vacation on Saturday, May 10. My wife enjoyed a fantastic Mother’s Day with her grandchildren, visiting Balboa Park, walking on the beach and having a special supper cooked for her. Early Monday morning she suffered an apparent aneurysm and passed away later that afternoon. She was in excellent health and was able to donate several organs to other families in need.

It was obvious from the beginning that we were meant for each other. Not only was she already a Jones who then married a Jones but Beverly’s parents and my parents were married on the exact same day, July 3, 1939. Her mother and my father were both born in Madill, Oklahoma.

She lives on in the lives of her two children and four grandchildren.

May 5, 2008

What Game?

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In the Official Book of Soccer Quotes referees hear over and over again on the field….


If a referee doesn’t see things the way players and coaches see it, it must be because he’s just not paying attention.

May 1, 2008

Tug Of War

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Young boys in training for the Olympic Tug of War team.

No, wait, Tug of War hasn’t been an Olympic sport since 1920. Actually, it’s a drawing of kids enjoying the time-honored school contest of rope pulling. Remember those days?


Oh by the way, the USofA swept the gold, silver and bronze medals in 1904.

Pencil and charcoal on gray paper, 10″ X 12″

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