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October 27, 2010

Playing The Zebras

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OK, admit it. This hasn’t really happened. But every player, coach and fan in just about any sport has on occasion felt this way.

October 19, 2010

White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour

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I spent a good part of last weekend on the White Rock Artists’ Studio Tour visiting about half on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. I didn’t quite make it to all the studios. Thanks to my DVR I didn’t miss any sporting event!

This is a fun tour. There is a wide variety of everything: art ranges from conservative to bizarre, some you will love and some you, well, won’t; the studios vary from small rooms and spaces in garages to large free-standing buildings; and the artists are all very personable and approachable and willing to answer questions about their work and processes. If you haven’t taken this tour I highly encourage you to do so next time around (

This year I toted my camera with me and talked most of the artists into letting me take their photo. For those who have websites I included the address. I apologize to those I may have missed. You can also see samples at I sure hope I labeled each artist correctly. Note to artists: feel free to correct me under “comments.” Be on the lookout for typos. I’m working with four stitches in my finger (which is one reason I haven’t posted new art lately).

October 15, 2010

Your Favorite Paintings

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The results are in for your favorite painting posted on this website. This has been a lot of fun. Thanks so much for everyone who participated.

Hike With GrandDad

Hike With GrandDad was the clear winner; 4 times as many votes as second place. And, like I did for your favorite cartoons and favorite drawings, I’ve combined the other favorites into ranges of votes received and listed them alphabetically in each tier.

Second Tier:
Boy Wonder, First Father First Son, First Grader, Young Steer

Third Tier:
Arno and Phillip, Blue Indian, Chuck Berry, Desert Sip, Desert Sip 2, Faces, First Trip To The Beach, Flamingos, Girl in Orange Shadows, Indian Mother and Child

Others Getting Votes:
Girl Swinging, Jim and Myrt, No Comment, Rinsing Hair – Red, Sandlot Softball, Vodka and Big Red

October 14, 2010

Your Favorite Drawings

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Here are the results for your favorite drawings posted on this site. I really appreciate everyone who participated.


Popsicles won clearly. After Popsicles the voting was spread out. As with your favorite cartoons I’ve combined the other favorites into ranges of votes received and listed them alphabetically in each tier. The second group was several votes above the third.

Second Tier:
Brother Sister Love, Crown of Thorns Easter Basket, South Padre

Third Tier:
Bubbles By Ava, Cougar, For Farrah, Mammaw’s Birth House, Priello Farm, Seated Woman In Color, Sierra, Swimming With Mimi, Texas Christmas, There’s a Story in the Stream, Trumpeter, Upstate New York Farm

Others Getting Votes:
Angel Beverly, Cousins, Hang On!, Licking the Bowl With GrandDad, Pastor Quill, Space Walk

Your Favorite Cartoons

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The sense of humor is a curious thing. What some people think is funny others just don’t get at all. The voting for your favorite cartoon on was quite diverse and more spread out than the choices for your favorite drawing or painting. The voting was close but one cartoon managed to get more votes than any others.

Getting Into Heaven

I’ve combined the other favorites into ranges of votes received and listed them alphabetically in each tier.

Second Tier:

Arkansas Settlers, Back Burners, Church Picnic, Dragon Princess Tea Party, Engine Rattle, It Takes A Child, Nice Thought Japheth, Pioneer Pass, Shot My Paw, Texas Viking, Traveling

Others Getting Votes:
Aggie Railroad, Annual Dog Show, Box Seats, Care For A Peanut?, Cute Puppies, Eating Pizza, Flat Out Of Gas, Hayride, Heavenly Loophole, Hello?, Humpty Dumpty Health Care, I Made It To Heaven, I Think It’s Flooded, King & Mrs. Kong, Last Seat, Open Debate, Opposable Thumb, Pirates and Sea Serpents, They’re Texting, Tiger Tail, Treat My Corns, Two Monsters Fighting, Weather in Texas, Where Did He Go?

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote!

October 12, 2010

Your Favorite Art

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I’m trying to decide which pieces of art to make prints of to donate to a church fundraiser. You can help me. Over on the right, listed under Gallery, click on “paintings,” peruse the art and select your favorites, maybe 3 or 4 of them.

Then, do the same for your favorite “drawings.”

And again for your favorite “cartoons.”

You can let me know your choices by clicking on “comments” below or going to “contact” and sending an email.

Thanks for taking the time! I’ll post the results later. Oh, please hurry! The deadline for getting the prints done is coming up fast. Thanks again.

October 10, 2010


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October 2, 2010

Pioneer Pass

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Sometimes it seems the more civilization moves forward the more it comes to a standstill.

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