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March 29, 2011

Soccer Field Medic

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One of the more important duties that come with being a youth coach is acting as an on-the-spot medic for all the afflictions, real and imagined, that crop up during the course of the big game.

This drawing comes from a photo I took during one of the soccer tournaments I used to administer. (I have to use the term “soccer” so I won’t confuse my American friends by writing “football.”)

I decided to be clever with the matting by cutting in and adding band-aids, complete with little stickers. I’m not sure it really worked but it was fun trying to do something a little different.

Colored pencil on paper, 10″X12″ (not including mat)

March 23, 2011

GrandGirls and GrandBoys

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I just spent the weekend with two of my grandkids. One boy, one girl. Each one asked me to draw something for them. Look carefully at each drawing and see if you can tell who asked for what.

Pen, colored pencil on paper

March 17, 2011


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Over the years different groups have asked me to design t-shirts for them. I don’t have a lot of the designs but I did manage to dig a few old shirts out of the closet.

March 14, 2011


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According to family tradition I have some Irish in me. But then again, as a typical American, I have a mixed heritage. In my case a bit of, but not limited to, some Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, English, Cherokee, Chickasaw and a bunch of German. But mostly Texan. But who cares? On Saint Patrick’s Day we’re ALL a bit Irish.

computer illustration

March 11, 2011

Two More Dentists

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That family of dentists continues to grow. About a year and a half ago I posted a conglomerate of drawings of four dentists, all in one family. Since then two more family members have joined the ranks of dentistry and I was asked to do pencil drawings of the newbies to add to the collection. Here is the entire group; the additions on the far right:

Each drawing: pencil on paper, 8″ X 6″

March 3, 2011

Resting Dancer

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Darn. I never could get the color settings right. The original has a slightly more blue tint to it, including the color of the paper. Oh well. This is another practice drawing. The source was from a magazine photo.

Colored pencil on colored paper, 10″ X 14″

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