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April 23, 2011

African Antelope

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The ink of a broad felt-tip marker used on regular ol’ posterboard will “bleed” a little. That makes it fun. And even though they’re called “permanent” markers the drawing will probably not last too many years.

Felt marker on poster board, 28″ X 12″

April 17, 2011

Tree In Rocks

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Conte crayon on paper, 18″ X 28″

April 11, 2011

Career Choices

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College doesn’t always prepare you for the real world.

April 6, 2011

T-Shirts Again

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After I posted a handful of T-Shirts a few weeks back I had a couple of people mention certain shirts that were not included. First, most of the designs I’ve done are long gone. Secondly, these were the only ones I could find when rummaging around in my closets. But I decided to dig a little deeper and I came up with four more.

OK, I’m through looking now.

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