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May 27, 2011


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The view of a pecan from the top. Or is it from the bottom?

Oh, BTW, it’s pronounced “peh-kahn.” Any other dialect is just plain wrong.

Acrylic on matboard, 8″ X 14″

May 22, 2011

Fairy Mural – 3

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Here is a composite of the various fairy scenes:

1 – packing for a trip
2 –  playing music (note the fairy playing the lute like a rock guitar)
3 – sewing; threading a needle
4 – fishing
5 – riding a three-seater bike
6 – primping; brushing hair and doing fingernails
7 – doing math on an abacus
8 – floating in a balloon
9 – reading
10 – napping in a basket
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

May 17, 2011

Fairy Mural – 2

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I recently posted a sampling of the planning stages for the fairy mural. Now I’ll let you in on how it went to actually put it on the walls. I’ll continue with the fairy restfully napping in the basket.

First, I printed the computer images and taped them to the wall where I thought they might go. It seemed fitting that the napping fairy go next to the light switch. Another fairy reading a book went near a book shelf, and so on.

Once all the images were where I wanted them I put carbon paper behind them and traced them onto the wall.

Next, I used a paint pen to draw the lines. I actually spent too much time doing this since many of the lines would be obscured when doing the coloring and I would need to go over them again anyway. I could have been more judicious of what to draw or what to leave until later.

To tie the scenes together around the room I created a “horizon” that led to the next drawing and added some leaves of grass. The flowers are not random; they match flowers in nearby room accessories such as drapes, wall hangings, etc. Finally, with the color added I went back and enhanced the lines.

All that was left was a little touch up and eliminating excess pencil lines, etc.

May 11, 2011

Fairy Mural

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I’m in the planning stages of painting a mural in a baby’s room. The parents are expecting a girl and want the theme of the mural to be fairies. I’ve already made several drawings that we’ll use on the wall. For this drawing I thought I’d share some of the process with you. In the other drawings the fairies are actively doing a variety of things. I thought they needed a rest so I drew a fairy sleeping. This might come in handy some day during the it’s-time-to-take-a-nap battle.

First an explanation of the four thumbnails, from left to right. I did a quick search of the internet and Tinkerbell inspired me to switch from a tranquil slumber to one with her legs and arms hanging out of the basket. An even quicker search came up with a basket I liked which I altered to something that looked more like what a fairy would take a nap in. I put a blank piece of paper over my pencil-drawn basket and drew my fairy sound asleep, shoes tossed aside. I drew the basket and the napping fairy separately because I didn’t want to have to keep re-drawing the basket whenever I didn’t like something with the fairy.

Lastly, I scanned my pencil drawings of the basket and the fairy into Photoshop, created a new layer and drew the “ink” version on the computer.

When she finally gets onto the wall the snoozing fairy will be in color.

May 2, 2011


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Next time it might be a good idea to read the reviews before you go.

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