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June 26, 2012

Short Flight

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A recent trip from Dallas to San Antonio inspired this cartoon. Texas is a big state but flying between cities within the state doesn’t take very long. Shortly after the flight attendant takes your drink order an announcement begins, “We’re now beginning our descent….”

Be sure and thank the crew on your way out, especially if it was a full plane.

June 20, 2012

Casual Fridays

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I gave in and bought myself an iPad. One purpose was to be able to sit and sketch ideas that I could later send to my computer and refine. I decided to draw a cartoon entirely on the iPad (I use a stylus). There’s a definite learning curve! It’s harder than I thought.

June 13, 2012

Three Boutonnieres

Addendum to the last post: three versions of the same boutonniere. The top is a photograph of the real boutonniere. It is sitting in an unseen vase on a black granite countertop but all you can see is the flower.

In the middle is a color pencil drawing done on black mat board. Although yellows, oranges and reds were used, the black surface changed the appearance of the colors.

On the bottom is a Photoshop® rendering using the “glowing edges” filter.

June 6, 2012


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For Janey Fields
After returning home from my long-time friend’s memorial service I unpinned the boutonniere from my jacket and set it on the counter. I decided to set it in a small vase and enjoy it for as long as it would last. Looking at it I really appreciated the beauty of the flower and decided to draw it.

I used color pencil and put it on black mat board to make it stand out. It was surprising and interesting to see how the black surface changed the colors of the pencils which were mostly oranges, yellows and reds.

Color pencil on mat board, 13″ X 13″

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