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July 26, 2012

Sticks In The Water

I was asked by a member of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board to do a drawing for Lake Highlands North Recreation Center in northeast Dallas. Back in my previous life I had worked there for several years ( It provided me some of my life’s most enjoyable experiences. So I was happy to do the drawing.

I wanted to do something that had meaning to me but was also specific to that park. And I wanted children in the drawing. I looked through my photos for inspiration and came across a time when my grandkids were at “Granddad’s Park” having fun poking sticks in the water of the park’s pond. Perfect! I combined elements of various photos and came up with a composition I liked (including using one grandkid twice – I actually have only four grandkids).

July 20, 2012

Darth Fisher

Another drawing request from a grandkid: “How about Darth Vader fishing.” No, I do not know where he gets his ideas. With him sitting beside me this is what I came up with. And by “sitting beside me” I mean squirming, bouncing, leaving, returning, bumping my arm, apologizing, etc. I love every minute of it.

July 14, 2012

Granddad Ref Bedtime Stories

July 7, 2012


Not long ago I made a trip to the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas. I had the pleasure of listening to Mandy Rowden perform at a small club, Jax Neighborhood Cafe. I thought the various lighting sources were interesting so I decided to take a photo of Mandy on stage. I thought the photo was interesting so I decided to do a painting, embellishing the color a bit.

Acrylic on Bristol board, 10″ X 14″

July 1, 2012


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Watching fireworks can be exciting at any age. And maybe a little scary.

Charcoal, chalk on paper, 10″ X 12″

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