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May 30, 2013

That Trestle Painting

I hope this doesn’t upset any of you but the painting doesn’t look exactly like the photo that inspired me. I took a bit of “artistic license.”

On the top is the original photograph. I took four or five photos and picked this one to go by. The others were handy for reference. Next is the blank canvas with my charcoal sketch of where I wanted things to be. I envisioned a few minor changes; for example, I replaced the brown egret with the white one from the shore.

Then we have the initial stage of the painting. Obviously, I enhanced the color.¬†Acrylic paints dry fast so I generally work top left to bottom right just like I would in a drawing. I go back later after it’s dry to add detail or touch up.

And finally, on the bottom, the finished painting.

Trestle progression

May 23, 2013


Each time I make the drive to Houston to visit my grandkids, a few miles south of Corsicana I get a quick glimpse of an interesting view of a swampy stream running under an old wooden railroad trestle. I kept thinking I’d like to take a picture of that. Finally, on one return trip I took the time to stop. This is a painting based on one of my photos.


Acrylic on canvas, 20″ X 24″

May 18, 2013

What Difference?

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Young Hillary

May 13, 2013

Percolatin’ Princess

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For my granddaughter’s birthday my son wrote her a story and had it printed in a little book. I was very happy to illustrate it for him. Here’s a sample.


May 7, 2013

Pose in Negative

What would normally be drawn in black or color I decided to do the inverse and use light colors for the image. I put it on a leftover piece of black mat board.

Pose in Negative

Color pencil on mat board, 14″ X 10″

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