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Like many Americans I have a mixed heritage. My mother’s side is mostly German. In fact her great-grandfather was the guy who immigrated to this country and my Mom was the first generation raised speaking English. About the only German I know is “gesundheit!” My ancestor’s name was Etzel and our family claims we must therefore be descended from the famous King Etzel of the Huns. Never heard of him? Check out Wagner’s Nibelungenleid. King Etzel’s more famous name is Attila. Yes, THE Attila.

So, one day in high school, I was telling my classmates in Texas History class that I was of royal lineage and they should all bow down and start calling me Sir Colby. Then, in jest, when I turned in a history exam I signed it Sir Colby. The teacher thought that was hilarious and made a big deal about it in class and even spread the word to other teachers who also teasingly called me Sir Colby. I was drawing cartoons for the student newspaper and started using the moniker as my signature. I’ve been Sir Colby ever since.

9 Responses to “About SirColby”

  1. James Newton says:

    Awesome! Ahahaha! Stop it, you’re killing me! Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this is great.

  2. Okay, so you finally got my attention and I signed up! Love the artwork and the talent that has always been your trademark…since high-school…

    Thanks for sharing…


  3. Nancy Peterson says:

    I always wondered how you became “Sir Colby”. Very interesting and funny : )

  4. Amazing work! and very inspiring! I’m excited to learn about the talent present in our family and am even more fueled now to step up and push myself further in my own work.

  5. Magaret Wang says:

    Wonderful!I love it.

  6. JOHN REINHART says:

    loved the story of sir colby. i think i’ll start calling myself king john.No..that sounds like a large toilet.

  7. Lorette Capehart says:

    I remember back then when we were kids and how you started calling yourself Sir Colby. I started calling myself Lady Lo after your search into our history.

  8. Don Drewry says:

    What a great story! I had not read that before. Thanks

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