Hang On!

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Trains are fun, especially for children. But once you get inside you realize you can no longer SEE the train. This drawing shows “Mimi” hanging on to her grandson who is determined to lean out of the window to watch the train as it moves down the track. Carbon pencil and colored pencil on color […]

Texas Christmas

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Texans don’t dream of white Christmases. But we might wonder about them. Seeing one every thirty or forty years might be kind of nice. Seeing more than one might make you question all the global warming theories. This is a card I sent out previously. It has longhorns, bluebonnets, oil rigs and even an old […]

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I consider Martin Luther King, Jr. to be one of America’s greatest heroes. But I have to admit this drawing was more expedient than respectful. Back in the late 70’s the bigwigs called to ask what were we doing in our building to observe MLK Day. Instead of saying, “Uh, nothing”, I lied and said, […]