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Sunday, September 15th, 2019

My grandniece. I managed to finish this drawing while riding in an airplane. An unusually calm and smooth flight.

Digital illustration

Young Loretta, Step by Step

Monday, June 24th, 2019

People have asked how I draw on an iPad. Here is a brief explanation:

Painting A Mural

Monday, November 17th, 2014

This is a computer line drawing from a photo taken of my son helping me do the “Frog Mural” for my first grandkid. I did the lines, my wife, my son and my daughter-in-law helped with┬áthe fill.

Painting A Mural

Computer illustration

Racer 8

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Grandkid was having a race car theme for his birthday bash so I quickly came up with a computer sketch to help with the celebration.

Computer drawing.