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November 17, 2014

Painting A Mural

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This is a computer line drawing from a photo taken of my son helping me do the “Frog Mural” for my first grandkid. I did the lines, my wife, my son and my daughter-in-law helped with the fill.

Painting A Mural

Computer illustration

January 8, 2014

Young Mike

Early Michelangelo

June 26, 2013

Frog Mural Update

Nine years ago I painted a mural for a brand new baby boy. The theme was “Traveling Frogs,” or “Frogs Around The World,” or something like that. I painted the continents of the earth around the room on all the walls and placed frogs in various places doing relevant things in stereotypical attire. Well, that baby is a big boy now, has moved upstairs to a new room and his little sister has inherited the room and the frog mural. But, alas, most of the frogs were boy frogs. I needed to add some girl frogs. What’s the difference between a cartoon boy frog and a cartoon girl frog? Mostly eyelashes and lipstick. And, oh yeah, some kind of fairy frog was required.

FrogMural Addition

Here are all the line drawings:

FrogMural Additions

If you’re curious here are some previous postings of the original World Frogs Mural:

World Frogs Mural 1

World Frogs Mural 2

World Frogs Mural 3


May 22, 2011

Fairy Mural – 3

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Here is a composite of the various fairy scenes:

1 – packing for a trip
2 –  playing music (note the fairy playing the lute like a rock guitar)
3 – sewing; threading a needle
4 – fishing
5 – riding a three-seater bike
6 – primping; brushing hair and doing fingernails
7 – doing math on an abacus
8 – floating in a balloon
9 – reading
10 – napping in a basket
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

May 11, 2011

Fairy Mural

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I’m in the planning stages of painting a mural in a baby’s room. The parents are expecting a girl and want the theme of the mural to be fairies. I’ve already made several drawings that we’ll use on the wall. For this drawing I thought I’d share some of the process with you. In the other drawings the fairies are actively doing a variety of things. I thought they needed a rest so I drew a fairy sleeping. This might come in handy some day during the it’s-time-to-take-a-nap battle.

First an explanation of the four thumbnails, from left to right. I did a quick search of the internet and Tinkerbell inspired me to switch from a tranquil slumber to one with her legs and arms hanging out of the basket. An even quicker search came up with a basket I liked which I altered to something that looked more like what a fairy would take a nap in. I put a blank piece of paper over my pencil-drawn basket and drew my fairy sound asleep, shoes tossed aside. I drew the basket and the napping fairy separately because I didn’t want to have to keep re-drawing the basket whenever I didn’t like something with the fairy.

Lastly, I scanned my pencil drawings of the basket and the fairy into Photoshop, created a new layer and drew the “ink” version on the computer.

When she finally gets onto the wall the snoozing fairy will be in color.

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