How to Paint a Mural, Part 2

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After the planning was over I put the drawings on newsprint and toted them to Phoenix. Using the room sketches as a guide I taped the drawings on the wall and transfered the images using plain old carbon paper. After some minor adjustments I made line drawings on the walls using an acrylic paint pen.

How to Paint a Mural, Part 1

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Assignment: Paint a mural of a bunch of monkeys doing a bunch of different things on three walls and entry way of a baby’s room. Since the walls were 1,100 miles away the planning needed to be good. There was lots of emailing going on. The room, it’s windows, furniture, etc. were measured and graphed […]

Frogs Around the World

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Every continent (except Antarctica) is displayed in this child’s room through a mural that is both entertaining and educational. Different countries are represented by characters who just happen to be frogs. Most have something to do with the culture or history of the region but some, like the biker toad with tongue flapping in the […]