The Pillow Beside Me

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An occasional departure from my usual visual art posts. A song. A thought came into my brain in the middle of the night and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I eventually gave up, got up and penciled this out between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. With my usual apologies to actual singers and […]

Prairie Windmill

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Digital illustration. This image randomly occurred to me just before I left for vacation. Started piddlin’ on the iPad on the plane and worked on it when I got the chance. I wanted a lot of nothing.

I Can Feel You

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Mother’s Day, 2008. It’s been nine years since I suddenly lost my beautiful wife of over 40 years. The pain is still very real. She is gone forever and always with me. The link takes you to a song I wrote for her. Hug those special to you and tell them you love them.

Four Little Hearts

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It has been seven years since that May 12 Mother’s Day, 2008. In memory of my precious wife who got to love her grandchildren ever so briefly. Another song I wrote for her has already been shared with family and friends. I now have the courage to share it with everyone else. Click this link […]

North Dallas Artists Studio Tour April 2015

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Wow! What a wide variety of artistic talents – oils, acrylics, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewelry, collage, photography, weaving, watercolor, works in wood, metal…! I spent the weekend visiting the artists on the North Dallas Studio Tour. On a whim I decided to take photos of the artists with their work. Because of this it took […]

And Life Goes On Without Her

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When you lose someone very dear to you it’s strange to see how the world continues turning, people keep on doing whatever they’re doing and life goes on. This is for my wife who I miss every day. And for anyone else who has lost a special person. It’s the fourth song I’ve written for her […]