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I came across the term “dryad” the other day and felt compelled to come up with my own version so I conjured up this creature on my iPad just for the fun of it. Click on image to enlarge. Computer illustration

Grandkid Requests

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Another trip to see grandkids and more requests for drawings. So, sitting on the couch with pad in my lap we came up with these: The first drawing is for the Birthday Girl who wanted a picture of a fairy running to Toys R Us to spend her birthday gift card. Coincidentally, the fairy is […]

Fairy Mural – 3

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Here is a composite of the various fairy scenes: 1 – packing for a trip 2 –  playing music (note the fairy playing the lute like a rock guitar) 3 – sewing; threading a needle 4 – fishing 5 – riding a three-seater bike 6 – primping; brushing hair and doing fingernails 7 – doing math on an abacus 8 – floating in a balloon 9 – reading 10 – napping in a […]

Fairy Mural

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I’m in the planning stages of painting a mural in a baby’s room. The parents are expecting a girl and want the theme of the mural to be fairies. I’ve already made several drawings that we’ll use on the wall. For this drawing I thought I’d share some of the process with you. In the […]