Drummer Girl

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While looking through my “things to draw” folder I came across the photo I took of an intriguing looking drummer at one of those Renaissance-type festivals I visited last Spring. Even though I think I could have done much better using color pencils I was determined to use acrylics since it had been too long […]

Princess’ Pet Dragon

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Another grandkid request. I deflected the calls for a drawing that was basically a repeat of the Dragon Princess Tea Party (August, 2010) but she insisted we have a “Cinderella” princess, a friendly dragon and a castle. The dragon should be blue and have a blue bow. What? Later she added that the dragon should […]

Pirate Treasurer

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I went Trick-Or-Treating with the grandkids this weekend. During the quiet times I worked on another drawing for them. Grandson wanted another pirate picture. This time he wanted them finding treasure. I decided to surprise him with the kind of treasure. We made copies of the line drawing before I added the color pencils so […]