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A glimpse of ┬áMexican culture we see so often in Texas; beautiful dresses, exciting music and lots of fun. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble pencil on watercolor paper, 11″ x 15″

The Flamingo Girl

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On a trip to Disneyland, in the “Alice and Wonderland” section, there were a couple of entertainers who were walking around on stilts made to look like they were riding on giant flamingos. I took a few photos and, years later, decided to create a drawing from them. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble […]

Evasive Ball

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It takes awhile for children to grasp the reality of movement. By the time their little hands get to where the ball was, it’s gone. After deciding on what image to start with┬ámy Muse and I argued about what medium to use; paint, pencil…? I chose to go with a very illustrative approach, ink outlines, […]

Girl with Open Mouth

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I started off with the idea to mix color pencils and water color pencils but I mistakenly used a regular color pencil where I wanted the water color. From then on the drawing kept forcing me to change what I had in mind. I also added a few strokes of acrylic paint where I thought […]