Children’s Dentist Building

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In the Great Texas Freeze of February 2021 water damage destroyed the lower half of an artist’s lovely jungle murals. The task was to restore the damaged areas. The “before” photos were of limited help. They also revealed color inconsistencies in the repair work which required a lot of improvisation. The hardest part was trying […]

Surf Break

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Digital illustration. As I sat comfortably in my beach chair my grandkids and newfound friends were surfing in Puerto Rico. A young girl took a break and sat on her board staring at the ocean. I thought that looked interesting. I pulled out my iPhone and took a couple of pics. Later, as I sat […]

Texas Wildflowers

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Water soluble pencils. I thought I had already posted this but my sister said she couldn’t find it. After I searched I couldn’t find it either. So here it is.

Based on Casey

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Digital illustration. The title is “Based on” because this was more of an experiment with a different brush tool than it was an actual portrait. I’ll do that occasionally. If the drawing ends up resembling the subject then that’s nice, too. In this case it’s teen contestant on American Idol, Casey Bishop.