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Digital illustration. I was looking for versions of Ave Maria and came across German singer, Helene Fischer. Not only does she have a great voice, she’s also gorgeous. That’s not fair.


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This didn’t turn out like I wanted. At all. But since the two people I showed it to didn’t recoil in disgust I decided to go ahead and post it. It’s from a photo of British actress Fiona Lewis. In it she had fluffy “Farrah Fawcett” hair and the thought occurred to replace it with […]

Parking Lot Rose

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Digital illustration. As I was leaving the grocery store I came upon a poor rose in the parking lot. Just the head of the rose. No stem. No leaves. I felt sorry for it so I brought it home and stuck it in a jigger full of water so it could live out the rest […]

Harry Smith

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Digital illustration. Harold (Harry) Jay Smith (1912-1980). Mohawk-Canadian athlete who became an actor. I was watching an old western movie on TV and recognized the actor playing Geronimo. “Hey! It’s Tonto.” He went by the name of Jay Silverheels.