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Digital illustration. While we’re still doing the Black History Month thing let me tell you about a good friend of mine. I met him when he was a player with the Dallas Tornado. Every African born player in the NFL owes him their respect. The short career of Howard, who was born in Zambia, may […]


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Digital illustration. I was watching the movie “Widows” and couldn’t help but notice Elizabeth Debicki. She was way taller than everybody else. I looked her up. She’s 6’3”! Then I found this fun photo of her and was inspired to do a drawing.

Sunset in Straithes

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Digital illustration A friend shared a beautiful photo of the English seaside village of Straithes. It had quaint buildings, cobblestone streets and sailboats anchored in the distance. I chose to focus only on a lamp on the side of a building. This was done with a soft mixer tool in Adobe Fresco.