Happy Birthday

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This is REALLY old! I came across it recently and decided I’d share. On a whim I decided I’d take a cake decorating class. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time decorating special cakes for my kids. This is one of those cakes I did for my daughter. I designed it […]

Lake Highlands Advocate

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The good folks at the Lake Highlands Advocate honored me with a nice feature article in their magazine. Yep, that’s my “studio.” Drawings and paintings on the wall; the rug my grandmother made for me in the 1960s. The photographer, Danny Fulgencio, set up a very good photo, but, no, I would never actually draw […]

Three Boutonnieres

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Addendum to the last post: three versions of the same boutonniere. The top is a photograph of the real boutonniere. It is sitting in an unseen vase on a black granite countertop but all you can see is the flower. In the middle is a color pencil drawing done on black mat board. Although yellows, […]

T-Shirts Again

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After I posted a handful of T-Shirts a few weeks back I had a couple of people mention certain shirts that were not included. First, most of the designs I’ve done are long gone. Secondly, these were the only ones I could find when rummaging around in my closets. But I decided to dig a […]

Your Favorite Art

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I’m trying to decide which pieces of art to make prints of to donate to a church fundraiser. You can help me. Over on the right, listed under Gallery, click on “paintings,” peruse the art and select your favorites, maybe 3 or 4 of them. Then, do the same for your favorite “drawings.” And again […]


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My precious wife of more than 40 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Monday, May 12, 2008 in Encinitas, California. God truly blessed me, my family and my friends with the time he shared her with us and we rest assured that she is now in the arms of Christ. Born July 7, 1946 in […]