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OK, let’s do something a little different. This is what you might call “accidental art.” Some of you won’t call it art at all. But I like it. Older folks will remember the mimeograph machine. You wrapped a stencil around a big drum, turned the drum, fed paper in one side, ink would be forced […]

It’s Greek To Me

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Archives: Yet another college class assignment; exploring etching/printing. I’ll let you look at it first before I tell you what it is. I chose to use the Greek letters of the fraternity I was in. Sigma Lambda Chi. Don’t look it up. You’ve never heard of it. It was a local fraternity and I’m told […]


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This is definitely NOT my art but I make an exception to post it because it has special meaning. Not only is it a treasured gift from a great friend but it includes all my grandkids and was done in time for my wife to enjoy it. Needlepoint, 20″ X 24″

Happy Birthday

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This is REALLY old! I came across it recently and decided I’d share. On a whim I decided I’d take a cake decorating class. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time decorating special cakes for my kids. This is one of those cakes I did for my daughter. I designed it […]

Lake Highlands Advocate

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The good folks at the Lake Highlands Advocate honored me with a nice feature article in their magazine. Yep, that’s my “studio.” Drawings and paintings on the wall; the rug my grandmother made for me in the 1960s. The photographer, Danny Fulgencio, set up a very good photo, but, no, I would never actually draw […]

Three Boutonnieres

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Addendum to the last post: three versions of the same boutonniere. The top is a photograph of the real boutonniere. It is sitting in an unseen vase on a black granite countertop but all you can see is the flower. In the middle is a color pencil drawing done on black mat board. Although yellows, […]

T-Shirts Again

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After I posted a handful of T-Shirts a few weeks back I had a couple of people mention certain shirts that were not included. First, most of the designs I’ve done are long gone. Secondly, these were the only ones I could find when rummaging around in my closets. But I decided to dig a […]