Your Favorite Art

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I’m trying to decide which pieces of art to make prints of to donate to a church fundraiser. You can help me. Over on the right, listed under Gallery, click on “paintings,” peruse the art and select your favorites, maybe 3 or 4 of them. Then, do the same for your favorite “drawings.” And again […]


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My precious wife of more than 40 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Monday, May 12, 2008 in Encinitas, California. God truly blessed me, my family and my friends with the time he shared her with us and we rest assured that she is now in the arms of Christ. Born July 7, 1946 in […]

Explaining the Samples – 5

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This set was actually the first one we put together and it was done very quickly, just grabbing images as we found them. That’s also why the sequence isn’t similar to the other sets of examples. Left to right: 1. “Girl-Pink and Gray,” color pencil on paper. The white stripe across her forehead is a […]

Explaining the Samples – 4

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I ran across several black and white images and decided I’d make one set using just b&w. OK, the one that’s a photograph was in color but I converted it to grayscale for this set. Left to right: 1. “Game of the Century,” charcoal on paper. This was posted already. You can find it in […]

Explaining the Samples – 3

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I don’t know if you’re picking up on the sequences but, with a few exceptions, the first two images are usually drawings, the middle one is a painting, followed by a mural and then ending with a cartoon. Left to right: 1. Portrait, pencil on paper. What a great smile! The boy in this drawing […]

Explaining the Samples – 2

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Continuing with the explanation of the artwork samples, I tried to provide as much variety as possible, mixing in painting, drawings, murals and whatever else I could find. Left to right: 1. This is a cake I decorated. I used to do that just for fun but had to retire after everybody’s cousin knew someone […]