Girl with Open Mouth

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I started off with the idea to mix color pencils and water color pencils but I mistakenly used a regular color pencil where I wanted the water color. From then on the drawing kept forcing me to change what I had in mind. I also added a few strokes of acrylic paint where I thought […]

That Trestle Painting

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I hope this doesn’t upset any of you but the painting doesn’t look exactly like the photo that inspired me. I took a bit of “artistic license.” On the top is the original photograph. I took four or five photos and picked this one to go by. The others were handy for reference. Next is […]


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Each time I make the drive to Houston to visit my grandkids, a few miles south of Corsicana I get a quick glimpse of an interesting view of a swampy stream running under an old wooden railroad trestle. I kept thinking I’d like to take a picture of that. Finally, on one return trip I […]


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I intended to do this study on canvas but changed my mind to use Bristol board. While I was digging through my flat file for the board I saw a book of watercolor paper and decided to try that instead. Acrylic on watercolor paper, 11″ X 14″


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She said she likes a certain style of painting/drawing that I occasionally do (see below) and wanted a portrait painting of her done in that same style. I always get nervous in these situations. First, the art has to stand on its own. Secondly, the image has to capture the person the way others see […]


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Another drawing inspired by a photograph taken by my son (check out his site at I wanted less contrast than in the original photo so I used a textured charcoal paper. This is in color pencil except I painted the thin strands of the onions using acrylic. It didn’t turn out as well as […]

Drummer Girl

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While looking through my “things to draw” folder I came across the photo I took of an intriguing looking drummer at one of those Renaissance-type festivals I visited last Spring. Even though I think I could have done much better using color pencils I was determined to use acrylics since it had been too long […]