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Not long ago I made a trip to the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas. I had the pleasure of listening to Mandy Rowden perform at a small club, Jax Neighborhood Cafe. I thought the various lighting sources were interesting so I decided to take a photo of Mandy on stage. I thought […]

I Found One!

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Yes, I know all the Easter Egg hunts are over but I finally got around to doing this painting I had wanted to do several months ago. Part of the delay was deciding how to do it. I first envisioned this as a pencil drawing. I even thought of drawing everything with graphite except for […]

American Indian Mother and Child

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I’m working on a project that’s taking a lot of time so in the meanwhile I’ll post a painting I did a long time ago. It’s a rendition of a photograph from National Geographic magazine. They always have such great photography. I have used their images to practice on several occasions. You may have already […]

Learning To Wink

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With hard work and patience we can learn to do just about anything. Learning to wink, for example. And once a task is learned it becomes simple and we can move on to the next challenge, like, snapping your fingers. Acrylic on bristol board, 8″ X 10″