Sleepers Awake!

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This started out as an illustration for a concert. Our church choir performed Bach’s Cantata 140 and a few other selections at the Dallas Museum of Biblical Arts. I decided to make it my annual Christmas card (even though it’s really about Advent). The inspiration comes from Matthew 25. Click on image to enlarge. I […]

A Child Is Born

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This is the last Christmas card in the set and is most people’s favorite; probably because they’ve all witnessed the humorous chaos of trying to put on a youth Christmas program. Outside on the top; inside on the bottom. I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Christmas cards. Regardless of your faiths and beliefs, […]

And Lo, The Star

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The structure is the outside of my church. Do you recognize the bells from a previous card? Beside our church is a pathway enveloped by rows of live oak trees. We like to call that “Oak Alley.” I represented that within the silhouette of the sanctuary, then added the nativity scene. David Hopson added the […]