April 13, 2014

Burned on a Bunsen

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Use whatever you have handy.

Mrs Petri

March 18, 2014

Grandkid Requests

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Another trip to see grandkids and more requests for drawings. So, sitting on the couch with pad in my lap we came up with these:

The first drawing is for the Birthday Girl who wanted a picture of a fairy running to Toys R Us to spend her birthday gift card. Coincidentally, the fairy is missing the same teeth as the Birthday Girl.


The second drawing is for the Birthday Girl’s big brother who wanted Harry Potter playing Quidditch in a football uniform. Some creative liberties were taken. Yes, big brother is a University of Arizona fan.


Ink and colored pencil on paper, 8 ½” X 11″

February 27, 2014

Or Else!

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Or else I might have to draw ANOTHER red line.

Travis Negotiates

February 6, 2014

Pollen on the Mount

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Inspired by my Pastor’s sermon. At least it proves I was listening.

Bee Attitudes

January 22, 2014

Super Pooper

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There could be drawbacks to being super at some things.

Super Dump

January 8, 2014

Young Mike

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Early Michelangelo

December 13, 2013

If You Like Your Land

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Fool me once….

If You Like Your Land

December 6, 2013


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November 13, 2013

Cookie Drama!

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The attempt to get a truly objective account of what’s going on in the world today usually requires flipping from one news channel to the next and then trying to balance the viewpoints of what they think you should think about what they think is important. That’s why God invented the remote. It also has an “off” button.


October 27, 2013

Let’s Change The Subject

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The art of denial, deflection and distraction is certainly not the sole property of only the current administration. Democrats and Republicans each have their closets they don’t want anyone looking into.

Oh Look