Old Rancher

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Friends of mine were in east Texas, met an elderly couple at a diner and started up a conversation which they greatly enjoyed. They took a photo of the old rancher and asked me to do a drawing. He was wearing glasses and they didn’t want those in the drawing. I couldn’t see his actual […]

A Journey To The Cross

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I was asked to come up with art for  a religious concert. The event, titled, “A Journey to the Cross with Jesus,” was a chronology of Lent and Holy Week with musical selections in six sections. 1. Ash Wednesday, 2. Following Jesus, 3. Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday), 4. Gethsemane, 5. The Cross, and  6. The […]

Me in 1830

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Here’s an example of modern day doodling – a quick sketch on my iPad using “Sketch Pro.” While working as an extra on a history-based documentary I took a selfie of myself in costume. (I stood behind President Andrew Jackson while he signed some historical document.) A few days later I sat in my lazy-boy with […]


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This is a friend of mine from college. She was very sweet. And pretty. I somehow got up the nerve to ask her if I could take her photograph so that I could draw her. I embarrassingly asked. She embarrassingly agreed. However, I never got around to drawing her. I came across that photo and […]

The Last Uncle

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My Dad was one of ten children; Mom, one of six. Recently, the last of all of my aunts and uncles passed away, ending my link to a very special generation. Tom, a proud USAF veteran, was indeed special. He loved entertaining children. He loved having a good time. He loved having the latest gadget. […]