Looking At You

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Here’s a really, really old drawing I did with a Marks-a-Lot (felt tip marker). You may have to actually get up out of your chair, and look at this from a distance to recognize it. I did it while looking through a magnifying glass. You can now easily do the same thing on a computer. […]

Mod Bod 2016 and 1970

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  I don’t usually post nudes on this site but I’m making an exception for this one. While moving things around in my studio I came across a very old drawing that I had done way back in 1970. It was done with Marks-a-Lot on poster board. It actually won a first place ribbon at […]

Abstract #2

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Wow, this is an old one: A study in design for art class way back in college. Since it was done with Marks-a-Lot the ink has faded over the decades. It was titled “Abstract #2.” I wonder whatever happened to #1. Felt marker on cardboard. 5″ X 8″