Grand Memories – Toy Box

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A few years ago I was commissioned to do illustrations for a book titled, Creating Grand Memories – A Toolbox for Today’s Grandparents¬†by Becky Yates and Charlotte Barnhart. I don’t think it’s available anymore. My line drawings were placed at the beginning of each chapter. I decided to, when possible, use photos from my own […]

A Day With My Son

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I’m sitting here alone with my grandson. It seems appropriate to post this drawing from the Archives: 1975. Home alone with my son. I finally wore him out. Did a quick sketch before he woke up. Pencil on paper, 8″ x 10″

The Flamingo Girl

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On a trip to Disneyland, in the “Alice and Wonderland” section, there were a couple of entertainers who were walking around on stilts made to look like they were riding on giant flamingos. I took a few photos and, years later, decided to create a drawing from them. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble […]

Trunk or Treat

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Another request from the church. This is for the Halloween “Trunk or Treat” event. Cars line up in the church parking lot and distribute candy to all the little monsters who happen by.

Mermaid Video Game

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While on vacation with all the GrandKids around I asked them what they wanted me to draw. The boys took an ever-so-quick break from playing their video game to shout, “Us playing video games.” Not very exciting, I thought. The girls started with, “Mermaids…Us as mermaids…Sitting on a rock…With two puppies….” OK! That’ll do! So […]


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I was shopping for Christmas gifts and called my daughter for ideas for my son-in-law, “What can I give him besides a shirt?” Her answer: “Yeah, a shirt would be fine.” No help at all! So I decided to do a drawing for him. I didn’t want the standard smiling pose. I found a photo […]

Family Soccer Game

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Even though my trip was brief the grandboy requested a drawing of the family playing soccer. This involved six people! I told him I would not have time to do six portraits so he accepted the fact that the characters would not look like the real people involved.¬†I worked as fast as I could and […]