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It took me three days to do this drawing. A tad tedious but fun, nonetheless. I made a few alterations but was inspired to do this by a photograph at You’ll find a lot of great photographs on that site. Check it out. Colored pencil on paper, 12″ X 10″

Red Sash

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While surfing the net I came across a photo of a model, was intrigued by the sash she was wearing and decided to draw it. I changed the color of the sash to red (it was gray) and de-emphasized her anatomy to draw more attention to the sash. Colored pencil on paper, 9″ X 10″

Keyhole Flower Red

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Nothing special with this drawing. It’s a small pencil rendition of a flower with the mat cut in a “keyhole” shape. Making small pieces allows you to add a nice touch of art in unusual spots around the house. Colored pencil on paper, 5″ X 7″

Two More Dentists

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That family of dentists continues to grow. About a year and a half ago I posted a conglomerate of drawings of four dentists, all in one family. Since then two more family members have joined the ranks of dentistry and I was asked to do pencil drawings of the newbies to add to the collection. […]

Resting Dancer

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Darn. I never could get the color settings right. The original has a slightly more blue tint to it, including the color of the paper. Oh well. This is another practice drawing. The source was from a magazine photo. Colored pencil on colored paper, 10″ X 14″