From Dark Ages to Renaissance

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With 2017 being the 500th year of the still-ongoing Reformation of the Christian church I thought it appropriate to do a painting of Martin Luther, the guy given most of the credit for starting it all. Click on image to enlarge. My goal was to illustrate how this movement helped bring the world from the […]

Red Smudge

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I have no idea how old this is. I recently discovered it in my file. Over the years the chalk has been smudged. Not the original intent in this sketch but I think it adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple drawing. Click on image to enlarge. Chalk pastel, pencil on newsprint paper, 10″ […]

Painting Fingernails

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This tender moment was captured during our church youth group’s mission trip. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble pencils on watercolor paper, 10″ x 14″

Larry in a Yellow Hat

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This is the choir director at Central Lutheran Church in Dallas. His talent constantly amazes me. He has taken a guy like me, who doesn’t know anything about music, to a guy who is now well aware how much he doesn’t know about music. This drawing was based on a photo taken during the dedication […]


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Two friends of mine were recently married. I couldn’t attend their wedding and I felt guilty so I drew this for them as a wedding gift. Pencil on paper, 8″ x 10″


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I was watching an old movie on TV and noticed an actor I thought was really pretty so I looked her up on the internet. I came across a photo and thought it would be fun to draw. I was more interested in practicing than in doing a portrait so the likeness is a tad […]


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I was shopping for Christmas gifts and called my daughter for ideas for my son-in-law, “What can I give him besides a shirt?” Her answer: “Yeah, a shirt would be fine.” No help at all! So I decided to do a drawing for him. I didn’t want the standard smiling pose. I found a photo […]