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I came across the term “dryad” the other day and felt compelled to come up with my own version so I conjured up this creature on my iPad just for the fun of it. Click on image to enlarge. Computer illustration

Lili Damita

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Surfin’ the tube and came across an old movie, Captain Blood, starring Errol Flynn. He was one of my favorite actors so I looked him up on the internet. In that search I discovered Lili Damita, one of his three wives. Watched the movie with my iPad in my lap and started this sketch. I […]

Girl in Orange Line with Colors

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Experimenting on my iPad Pro. This started with a simple line drawing in orange. Next I widened the lines in different colors on back layers. Then I played with the brush tools. Then I got bored and stopped. This is where I stopped. Click on image to enlarge. Digital illustration

Careless Claudia

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When I watch TV or a movie I often get curious about the actors. Sometimes actors from days past, sometimes up and coming ones. So I look them up on the internet. I came across an interesting photo of Claudia Cardinale and had the urge to do a “pencil” drawing of her on my iPad […]

Christy in Color

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It occurred to me that hadn’t used chalk pastels in a long time so I decided to attempt a drawing. The first step was to FIND the chalk. They were well hidden under several other art media. Finally got set up and realized I didn’t have a smudging tool and had to dig around for […]


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Piddlin’ on my iPad. This is Camren Bicondova, a young actress/dancer playing the role of Catwoman on the TV series, Gotham. Click on image to enlarge. Digital illustration


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I had been neglecting my art. Made myself stop for a minute to doodle on my iPad. I chose this pose of Bryce Dallas Howard, Opie’s daughter. I don’t really think the sketch does her justice but I was in desperate need of artistic exercise. Click on image to enlarge. Digital illustration