Your Favorite Cartoons

The sense of humor is a curious thing. What some people think is funny others just don’t get at all. The voting for your favorite cartoon on was quite diverse and more spread out than the choices for your favorite drawing or painting. The voting was close but one cartoon managed to get more votes than any others.

Getting Into Heaven

I’ve combined the other favorites into ranges of votes received and listed them alphabetically in each tier.

Second Tier:

Arkansas Settlers, Back Burners, Church Picnic, Dragon Princess Tea Party, Engine Rattle, It Takes A Child, Nice Thought Japheth, Pioneer Pass, Shot My Paw, Texas Viking, Traveling

Others Getting Votes:
Aggie Railroad, Annual Dog Show, Box Seats, Care For A Peanut?, Cute Puppies, Eating Pizza, Flat Out Of Gas, Hayride, Heavenly Loophole, Hello?, Humpty Dumpty Health Care, I Made It To Heaven, I Think It’s Flooded, King & Mrs. Kong, Last Seat, Open Debate, Opposable Thumb, Pirates and Sea Serpents, They’re Texting, Tiger Tail, Treat My Corns, Two Monsters Fighting, Weather in Texas, Where Did He Go?

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote!