Martin Luther King, Jr.

I consider Martin Luther King, Jr. to be one of America’s greatest heroes. But I have to admit this drawing was more expedient than respectful. Back in the late 70’s the bigwigs called to ask what were we doing in our building to observe MLK Day. Instead of saying, “Uh, nothing”, I lied and said, “Uh, we…uh…have a display.” So I needed to quickly come up with a display just in case one of the bigwigs actually left their office and visited us. I rushed home at lunch, collected a few articles and photos from my files (all artists have files), whipped up the drawing, rushed back to work and stuck them in a display case.

It’s actually a very simple drawing. White pencil on black matboard. But I think it worked out great and became one of my favorites. It’s now in a private collection.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Colored pencil on matboard

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