Monkey Mural 1

I’ve been asked to show some of the critters from the Monkey Mural (posted December 14, 2007). I’ve picked out just a handful from the approximately 50 in the mural. I won’t post them all at the same time. This is the first of three postings.

Please forgive the quality of some of these snapshots.

Each of these drawings includes some “easter egg” (personal reference) for the owners of the mural with a couple of personal ones of my own thrown in.

First, we had to start with the traditional “barrel full of monkeys.”

The cowboy hat is for the Texas roots. They’re flying a kite that looks like the Texas flag. The kid monkey imitates Chim-Chim, from Speed Racer.

On the cape is a replica of a family coat of arms.

The liederhosen represents the family’s German heritage.

The plane gives a nod to Southwest Airlines.

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