King Etzel

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This is a depiction of King Etzel from a beautiful sculpture (Nibelungen-Brunnen, “Nibelungen Fountain”) in Tulln, Austria by Michail Nogin of his meeting with Kriemhild. Etzel is my German family name and I claim him as my ancestor. That’s how I got the Sir Colby nickname. According to the Nibelungenlied (the Song of the Nibelungs), […]

Tina Cheerleader

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I don’t remember how the conversation started but it ended up being about Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Tina Hernandez, from the late 1970s, early 1980s. I mentioned that I had done a drawing of her but a search on my website revealed I had never posted it except in one of the banners. A photographer friend […]


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I had a completely different plan for this drawing but almost immediately realized it wasn’t going to work. It might have had I started on gray or colored paper. But, oh well. Here it is. Click on image to enlarge. Pencil on paper, 11″ x 17″ (cropped)

Horny Toad

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As a kid growing up in central Texas we called them horny toads. Other folks call them horned toads, horned frogs or horned lizards or maybe something else. Despite their rough appearance they were very docile and fun to play with. They’re hard to find nowadays. I am told it’s because their main source of […]

Red Smudge

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I have no idea how old this is. I recently discovered it in my file. Over the years the chalk has been smudged. Not the original intent in this sketch but I think it adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple drawing. Click on image to enlarge. Chalk pastel, pencil on newsprint paper, 10″ […]

Girl in Blue

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Another oldie. I haven’t had a chance to draw and paint lately. I’ve been keeping my grandkids. And loving every minute of it. Click on image to enlarge. Color pencil on paper, 9″ x 7″

Painting Fingernails

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This tender moment was captured during our church youth group’s mission trip. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble pencils on watercolor paper, 10″ x 14″