Elsa, Olaf, Hockey, Coyote, Doan, Horse, Rambo, Chicken

Last Monday I flew to Phoenix to visit two of my grandkids. From there I flew to Houston to visit my two other grandkids. Their parents were around somewhere, I suppose. As per tradition I asked if they wanted me to draw anything.

The Phoenix granddaughter asked for Elsa skating. Oh, and a snowflake. The Phoenix grandson wanted a hockey player. I decided to combine the requests. Granddaughter now wants Olaf too. Grandson wants a specific player on the Phoenix Coyotes. Hence this drawing:

Elsa vs Coyote


The Houston granddaughter asked for a horse. The Houston grandson suggested a Rambo chicken. Again, I decided to combine the requests and we ended up with this:

Rambo Chicken

Pen and color pencil 8 ½ X 11

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