Digital illustration. Texas hero, John “RIP” Ford (1815–1897)

Who won the last battle of the Civil War?

Soldier: Came to Texas after independence in 1836. Served in the Texas army under the legendary Jack Hays. During the Mexican War was in command of a spy company. Signed casualty notices with the blessing, “R.I.P.” and became known as RIP Ford. As captain in the Texas Rangers, had numerous Indian fights. Won two major battles on the Canadian River. Commanded operations against Juan N. Cortina. Colonel of the Second Texas Cavalry, in command of the Rio Grande district. Engaged on border operations protecting Confederate-Mexican trade. Led Confederate forces and won the battle of Palmito Ranch, the LAST battle of the Civil War. When radical Governor Davis refused to leave office after losing the election Ford quelled a riot of Austin citizens and removed Davis from the Governor’s Mansion.

Government official: Introduced the resolution to accept the terms of annexation to the United States. Member of the Secession Convention. Initiated a trade agreement between Mexico and the Confederacy Elected to the Texas Senate. Mayor of Austin. Mayor of Brownsville. Superintendent of the Texas School for the Deaf.

Surveyor: Explored the country between San Antonio and El Paso establishing the Ford and Neighbors Trail.

Newspaper editor: Editor of the Austin Texas Democrat. Established and edited and the State Times. Edited the Brownsville Sentinel.

Doctor: Practiced medicine in San Augustine