Texas Christmas

Texans don’t dream of white Christmases. But we might wonder about them. Seeing one every thirty or forty years might be kind of nice. Seeing more than one might make you question all the global warming theories. This is a card I sent out previously. It has longhorns, bluebonnets, oil rigs and even an old yellow dog. There’s probably not enough detail to see the armadillo and the yellow roses but the light shining down from the Lone Star should be obvious.

While I agree we shouldn’t even be discussing Christmas until we get past Thanksgiving, it seems each December I get some folks who suddenly realize that a personalized portrait or painting would make a great gift. And while I agree with that too it doesn’t leave much time to actually get it done. So if you’re even thinking about it you’d better speak up fast or change it to a Valentine’s Day gift.

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