Your Favorite Drawings

Here are the results for your favorite drawings posted on this site. I really appreciate everyone who participated.


Popsicles won clearly. After Popsicles the voting was spread out. As with your favorite cartoons I’ve combined the other favorites into ranges of votes received and listed them alphabetically in each tier. The second group was several votes above the third.

Second Tier:
Brother Sister Love, Crown of Thorns Easter Basket, South Padre

Third Tier:
Bubbles By Ava, Cougar, For Farrah, Mammaw’s Birth House, Priello Farm, Seated Woman In Color, Sierra, Swimming With Mimi, Texas Christmas, There’s a Story in the Stream, Trumpeter, Upstate New York Farm

Others Getting Votes:
Angel Beverly, Cousins, Hang On!, Licking the Bowl With GrandDad, Pastor Quill, Space Walk