Frogs Around the World

Every continent (except Antarctica) is displayed in this child’s room through a mural that is both entertaining and educational. Different countries are represented by characters who just happen to be frogs. Most have something to do with the culture or history of the region but some, like the biker toad with tongue flapping in the wind, are thrown in just for fun.

Other North American frogs include a Canadian Mountie, Alaskan Eskimo, Texas cowboy, Caribbean pirate, Mexican diver and Hawaiian surfer. Yes, I know Hawaii is not in North America but the good folks there are still Americans. Landmarks, with frog faces of course, include the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Other whimsical characters include a hitch-hiking hobo, an airline pilot whose plane looks very similar to a Southwest Airlines jet and an extraterrestial. Way off in the distance is a Viking frog arriving a little late to discover the New World.

The fun continues around the room/world.

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