Grand Canyon Tree

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This isn’t very good. But I’m posting it anyway because it’s my first attempt to use graphite putty. It was harder to use than I expected. I’ll try again some day. Click on image to enlarge. Graphite putty and wash on paper, 11″ x 16″

Larry in a Yellow Hat

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This is the choir director at Central Lutheran Church in Dallas. His talent constantly amazes me. He has taken a guy like me, who doesn’t know anything about music, to a guy who is now well aware how much he doesn’t know about music. This drawing was based on a photo taken during the dedication […]

Hands on Face

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I recently re-discovered this drawing from way back. I assumed I had already posted it but couldn’t find it. So, I’ll do it now. Click on image to enlarge. Colored pencil on paper, 10 ½” x 10 ½”


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I was stuck in the house and needed to do something for my sanity so I came up with a quick drawing using watercolor pencils. The idea was to draw most of the girl in grayscale and meld into color toward the butterfly. I was drawing the girl when I suddenly realized I had picked […]

Hair in Face

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I went back and forth on this image. Couldn’t decide whether to paint or draw. I finally chose water soluble color pencils. I injured my hand and this was the first drawing since the injury. I had to stop occasionally to ice my hand. Click on image to enlarge. Water soluble color pencil on paper, […]

On the Phone

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Many years ago I caught my wife off guard by taking a random photo while she was minding her own business talking on the phone. I loved her smile and decided to do a drawing. I post this now because January 27 would have been our 49th anniversary. Click on image to enlarge. Pencil on paper, […]

Advent Journey

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I rarely repeat any art that I do. This is an exception. Last year about this time I did an Advent illustration for my church. Just to be different I did it in a mosaic/stained glass technique. I immediately decided I would do a different, more realistic version. I used it for my 2016 Christmas […]

A Day With My Son

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I’m sitting here alone with my grandson. It seems appropriate to post this drawing from the Archives: 1975. Home alone with my son. I finally wore him out. Did a quick sketch before he woke up. Pencil on paper, 8″ x 10″