North Dallas Artists Studio Tour April 2019

I had the opportunity of see every artist in this Spring’s North Dallas Artists Studio Tour. Lots of outstanding work. You should check them out.

Eva Smith
Judy and Jack Schecter
Sheila Cunningham
Deborah Shannon
Lisa Covert
Carolyn Rekerdres
Ted Rekerdres
Gary Vaughan
Charlotte Edwards
Martha Vaughan
Angela Howell
Tricia Monfrey
Barbara Hollis
Suzy Singh
Tori Pendergrass
Jan Dreskin-Haig
Ronald Stever
Shelly Phillips
Sally Wilkins
Adriana Cobo-Frenkel
Liz Wiley
Jane Sparrer
Lori Cusick
Marilyn Eitzen Jones
Margaret Mall
Bernard Bortnick
Nathan Jones

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