White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour

I spent a good part of last weekend on the White Rock Artists’ Studio Tour visiting about half on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. I didn’t quite make it to all the studios. Thanks to my DVR I didn’t miss any sporting event!

This is a fun tour. There is a wide variety of everything: art ranges from conservative to bizarre, some you will love and some you, well, won’t; the studios vary from small rooms and spaces in garages to large free-standing buildings; and the artists are all very personable and approachable and willing to answer questions about their work and processes. If you haven’t taken this tour I highly encourage you to do so next time around (http://www.whiterockartists.com/).

This year I toted my camera with me and talked most of the artists into letting me take their photo. For those who have websites I included the address. I apologize to those I may have missed. You can also see samples at http://www.whiterockartists.com/. I sure hope I labeled each artist correctly. Note to artists: feel free to correct me under “comments.” Be on the lookout for typos. I’m working with four stitches in my finger (which is one reason I haven’t posted new art lately).

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