Explaining the Samples – 1

Some folks have asked for details about the drawings and paintings that are displayed at the top of each of my pages. They’ve tried to click on an image and nothing happens. Sorry, they are there just to give you some examples of my work. There are five compilations of five images each that randomly switch whenever you click on a page. This little trick is possible through the help I got from a friend, John P. (check him out at OneMansBlog.com).

Some of the images have been posted and can be found in the appropriate categories. Eventually, I may get around to posting the others. In the meantime, below is a brief rundown. Oh, by the way, most of these images are details of the originals and don’t show the entire artwork. I’ll post each set separately so it won’t seem quite so long.

SirColby Samples 1

Left to right:

1. “Lillie’s Granddaughter,” portrait, color pencil on colored paper. Isn’t she precious?

2. untitled, torso/hands on stomach, conte crayon on paper.

3. “Desert Sip,” acrylic on canvas. Already posted. Check out the paintings category on the right.

4. African mural. This mural has two sides; this detail shows most of the left side depicting a savannah environment. The right side depicts a jungle. The trees from each side meet to offer a “canopy” above where a bed is placed the against the wall.

5. “Harold in Italy,” also already posted. Check it out in the cartoons category. Also, visit Harold’s website: www.epicopia.com/harold.html

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