Explaining the Samples – 2

Continuing with the explanation of the artwork samples, I tried to provide as much variety as possible, mixing in painting, drawings, murals and whatever else I could find.

SirColby Samples 2

Left to right:

1. This is a cake I decorated. I used to do that just for fun but had to retire after everybody’s cousin knew someone who had a daughter who was having a shower and wouldn’t it be nice if I decorated a cake for them. It took awhile but I learned how to just say no.

2. “Spreading the Stars,” computer manipulated image.

3. “Arno and Phillip,” acrylic on canvas. Previously posted. Check out the paintings category on the right.

4. That’s me after finishing the “Monkey Mural.” This is posted in the four-part “How to Paint A Mural” series. Look in the murals category.

5. This cartoon, showing a referee sending off a player for dangerous equipment is one of many I drew for the US Soccer publication, “Laws of the Game, Made Easy.” They also asked me to illustrate a companion book, “Offside Made Easy.” Visit ussoccerstore.com/categories-referees-books.html.

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