Explaining the Samples – 3

I don’t know if you’re picking up on the sequences but, with a few exceptions, the first two images are usually drawings, the middle one is a painting, followed by a mural and then ending with a cartoon.

SirColby Samples 3

Left to right:

1. Portrait, pencil on paper. What a great smile! The boy in this drawing was eating and had food all over his face. While that was cute for the photo, we cleaned him up for the drawing.

2. untitled computer manipulated image.

3. “First Trip To The Beach,” acrylic on canvas. Previously posted. Check it out in the paintings category on the right.

4. African mural. This is a detail of the the jungle side of the mural mentioned in “Explaining the Samples – 1.”

5. “Cop Send-Off.” I don’t think the officer is affected by the referee’s use of authority. Actually, this was originally “Cop Caution” but the red card looked better.

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