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November 29, 2007

Texas v Notre Dame, 1970 Cotton Bowl

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After besting Arkansas in “The Game of the Century,” No. 1 Texas hosted No. 9 Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl, New Year’s Day, 1970. The Fighting Irish were making their first bowl appearance since the 1925 Rose Bowl.


Notre Dame led 17-14 midway through the final period until QB James Street directed the Longhorns 76 yards for the winning score. Billy Dale’s 1-yard touchdown run gave UT a 21-17 lead and its 500th win in school history. In a private collection.

Conte crayon on poster board. 28″ X 22″

Texas-Arkansas Game of the Century

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1969. It was the 100th year of college football. Texas was ranked #1, Arkansas #2. It was hyped as the “Game of the Century.”

The Longhorns overcame turnovers and a 14-0 Arkansas lead to claim an exciting 15-14 victory. UT QB James Street hit Randy Peschel on a dramatic 4th-and-3 play late in the game for the winning touchdown. Texas had successfully converted a two-point PAT on their first TD. In a private collection.

Charcoal on poster board. 22″ X 28″.

November 27, 2007

Good Form, Bad Timing

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More on gymnastics.


November 25, 2007

Bad Style, Great Effort

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It’s beyond my understanding how gymnasts can do all the things they do on the balance beam. It’s only 4 inches wide!

November 19, 2007

Texas Christmas

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Texans don’t dream of white Christmases. But we might wonder about them. Seeing one every thirty or forty years might be kind of nice. Seeing more than one might make you question all the global warming theories. This is a card I sent out previously. It has longhorns, bluebonnets, oil rigs and even an old yellow dog. There’s probably not enough detail to see the armadillo and the yellow roses but the light shining down from the Lone Star should be obvious.

While I agree we shouldn’t even be discussing Christmas until we get past Thanksgiving, it seems each December I get some folks who suddenly realize that a personalized portrait or painting would make a great gift. And while I agree with that too it doesn’t leave much time to actually get it done. So if you’re even thinking about it you’d better speak up fast or change it to a Valentine’s Day gift.

November 16, 2007

Desert Sip

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On a trip to Monument Valley I was driving along taking the usual turista photos and happened across this cow taking a drink in a watering hole. The ensuing painting was done from the snapshot taken by a point-and-shoot camera.

Monument Valley is one of those places that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Watching old John Wayne movies does not count. It’s an incredibly beautiful place. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s a heck of a long way from just about anywhere. But you should make the effort. It’s not a national park. The whole thing is on a Navajo Reservation on the Utah/Arizona border.

Desert Sip

Acrylic on canvas. 18″ X 24″

November 12, 2007

Attila Spares Rome

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OK, I admit it. This is a joke that has to be explained to almost everybody. Lots of people have heard of Attila the Hun but don’t know much more than that he was one bad dude. Fewer people know who Pope Leo was except that he must have been a pope or something.

The facts are…way back in 452 the King of the Huns was ravaging and pillaging Europe and was determined to have his way with Rome which was undefended because the Roman army was licking its wounds from a previous battle with Attila a year earlier in Gaul. The Romans had managed to thwart Attila’s march through western Europe but had to have the help of several Germanic tribes who feared the Huns more than they hated the Romans. After that big battle those tribes moseyed off leaving the Romans in no shape to face Attila alone.

So, instead, the Romans sent out the Pope. After Leo met with Attila, the Hun said to heck with it and went back home. What really happened is mostly conjecture. Since the Romans were the only ones writing stuff down all we have are their versions which include, among other things, the appearance of saints and angels. Therefore, I offer another possible rationale. It might be as equally plausible as any other except for the fact that those types of playing cards weren’t around yet.
Oh well.



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Not only was Leonardo a great artist but he was also very ingenious. Giovanni is apparently a pretty crafty guy too. But…well let’s say I’m skeptical. But, then again, I wouldn’t put anything past Charles Schulz.

November 6, 2007

Body Snatchers

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I’m not sure why I did this. The thought just came to me.


November 2, 2007

Frogs Around the World

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Every continent (except Antarctica) is displayed in this child’s room through a mural that is both entertaining and educational. Different countries are represented by characters who just happen to be frogs. Most have something to do with the culture or history of the region but some, like the biker toad with tongue flapping in the wind, are thrown in just for fun.

Other North American frogs include a Canadian Mountie, Alaskan Eskimo, Texas cowboy, Caribbean pirate, Mexican diver and Hawaiian surfer. Yes, I know Hawaii is not in North America but the good folks there are still Americans. Landmarks, with frog faces of course, include the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Other whimsical characters include a hitch-hiking hobo, an airline pilot whose plane looks very similar to a Southwest Airlines jet and an extraterrestial. Way off in the distance is a Viking frog arriving a little late to discover the New World.

The fun continues around the room/world.

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