Frog Mural Update

Nine years ago I painted a mural for a brand new baby boy. The theme was “Traveling Frogs,” or “Frogs Around The World,” or something like that. I painted the continents of the earth around the room on all the walls and placed frogs in various places doing relevant things in stereotypical attire. Well, that baby is a big boy now, has moved upstairs to a new room and his little sister has inherited the room and the frog mural. But, alas, most of the frogs were boy frogs. I needed to add some girl frogs. What’s the difference between a cartoon boy frog and a cartoon girl frog? Mostly eyelashes and lipstick. And, oh yeah, some kind of fairy frog was required.

FrogMural Addition

Here are all the line drawings:

FrogMural Additions

If you’re curious here are some previous postings of the original World Frogs Mural:

World Frogs Mural 1

World Frogs Mural 2

World Frogs Mural 3


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